What Workout Is Best For You?

Finding the right workout routine is kind of like dating. You have to keep trying something new until you find the right one. There are all kinds of different workout routines out there today and not every one of them satisfy everyone’s needs. The workout routine that your best friend uses may not work for you; every “body” is different and may rely on different movements or style of routine to achieve the desired results.

As a personal trainer, I recommend trying a handful of different routines and pick the one that you feel works the best. After a few months, try another handful of different routines and go from there. If you’re having trouble finding new routines, any personal trainer or fitness enthusiast should be able to point you in the right direction. Below is a list of different workout routines and examples that may help.

Push/Pull: Chest/Back: (Bench Press/Seated Row) This style of routine balances out the chest and back, and prevents over- or under-training a certain muscle group. I recommend super-setting these exercises.

Push/Pull: Biceps/Triceps: (Rope Triceps Ext./DB Biceps Curl) This style of routine focuses on the front and back of the arms and again prevents over- or under-training a certain muscle group. I also recommend super-setting these exercises.

Total Body: (Lunges/Shoulder Press/Crunches) This style of routine is perfect for those wanting to tone the entire body. I recommend using a circuit training style and performing this routine every other day.

Isometric Style: (Plank/Back Bridge) This style of routine is great for improving core strength and posture. The use of body weight is ideal for these types of movements.

If you have questions or need advice, please feel free to comment. Good luck!

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