Why and How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Choosing a personal trainer is a stressful situation and could end up being a disaster if not properly done. I recommend setting up as many free consultations as possible with different trainers. Be sure to check credentials, personality, and style of training. Clashing personalities is rough on both parties. This will be a personal one-on-one relationship and you need to be comfortable with the trainer and able to understand his or her directions. Choosing the gender of your trainer is one way to narrow your search. Many people find it easier to take guidance and motivation from a trainer of the opposite sex, while others may only feel comfortable with a trainer of their own gender.

8 Benefits of a Personal Trainer:

  1. Assess individual abilities and needs
  2. Help set realistic goals
  3. Personalize workouts to achieve goals more quickly
  4. Provide motivation
  5. Provide correct technique and instant feedback on how to adjust posture, motion, or exertion to get maximum results and prevent injury
  6. Life-long friendship
  7. Keep work-outs fun and fresh
  8. Able to adjust/modify certain exercises to fit personal needs

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