Wii Fit brings fitness into the living room

Buzz has been building for a few months as America anticipates the release of the Wii Fit, the newest game for the mega-hyped Nintendo game machine. Thanks to the Wii Sports game that comes with most newly purchased Wiis, a lot of people were using the fast-action tennis, baseball and boxing matches as a replacement for cardio activity at the gym. DietsInReview first introduced the coming of Wii Fit back in January, before any definitive dates had been set.

wii fit yoga

This Wednesday, May 21, the Wii Fit will be available for purchase, for about $90. The balance board connects to the Wii wirelessly just as a remote would, and from that you can do a broad variety of exercises. With the Wii Fit you can follow along with the instruction on-screen and do yoga, stretches, aerobics, lunges, squats and dancing. The Wii Fit will also monitor how many calories you’ve burned, your BMI and how your strength increases.

wii fit bmi

Wii Fit recommends 30-45 minutes of activity each day to really see benefits from using it as a weight loss or fitness tool. This is exactly what most fitness professionals would recommend- at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. For a one-time investment of $90, the Wii Fit could potentially save you money on expensive gym memberships, while creating a fitness environment your entire family can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

This really is a spectacular advancement in video gaming. Video games are notoriously vilified for giving people young and old an excuse to be completely stationary and veg out for hours on end playing games. Wii Fit gives you all the of the gamer feel, without the gamer guilt, turning that holiday gift investment into something of real value for you and your family.

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3 Responses to Wii Fit brings fitness into the living room

  1. sarasmith says:

    The wii fit is such a cool idea! i love it. My kids are a little over weight and i think this would be perfect for them!

  2. Jacki says:

    when i grow up i want to be on tv. mum says yoga helped her, so who am i to argue. i’m trying to get one now. amason didnt have one.
    back to waiting for wii fit game…

  3. When I first started working out with the Wii Fit, I was worried that I wouldn’t really be able to get a good cardio workout. The Aerobics activities were intense enough to get my heart rate into the high range, but they were only a few minutes long.

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