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We, at DietsInReview.com, were one of the first in line at our local Best Buy to pick up the new Wii Fit this morning. After a few hours with the new exercise game we have put together a short video overview of the product.

Wii Fit Boxed

But before I show you the video I want to point out a few things.

  1. The line was at least 30 people long at 9:30 am, each person buying multiple Wii Fit accessories along with the game. It appears that Nintendo has spawned a new fitness game industry on day one.
  2. The balance board appears to well made – very solid.
  3. In line we heard chatter about more games and exercise tools coming out that will also make use the Wii’s balance board.
  4. We have 4 friends over right now all playing (exercising?) with the Wii Fit. When is the last time you had your friends over to exercise

Wii Fit Un-Boxed

I was very impressed with the packaging and the quality of the materials. The balance board also comes with a set of replacement feet, I guess they wear out easily? Below is our video overview showcasing a few of the games as well as documenting some of the setup procedures.

Can’t find a Wii Fit at your local store? Try buying online.

9 Responses to Wii Fit Review

jacky says:

I want the wii fit! I couldn’t find out at my local store they were all sold out. Can you find them online?

alicia says:

does the wii fit advertise your weight to everyone standing around? haha, that is the only thing that makes me hesitant!

Jimmy C says:

Hello! Alicia, the wii fit will not show your weight unless you select the weight option. It will however show your BMI to those standing around – so if you have someone really wanting to know your weight they could probably get close.

J9 says:

If you set up your profile on your own, you can put a password on your info which will keep others from having access to your personal info, like your weight. It doesn’t display your BMI or weight while exercising or playing games.

I got to try the Wii Fit for the first time last weekend. It was just as awesome as I had imagined. I had never thought I would “play” yoga as a “videogame”! It’s pretty clever because you get a “personal trainer” as well as high score lists and it also clocks how much time you spend with it, so for most people the competitive instinct kicks in.

I and my boyfriend were playing with another couple we know and it was interesting to find out that everyone really sucked in some games/exercises but kicked butt in some others. Some seemed to be heavily gender specific, perhaps because men and women have different body shapes and different balance points. I loved the penguin game and seemed to be pretty good at it.

Now I’m hoping to get my boyfriend to buy Wii Fit. He’s convinced we’d both get tired of it, but I know I wouldn’t (or at least it would take so long that it would have long “paid itself back”).

Rob says:

One of the things I like best about the Wii Fit exercises is that, by clearly showing on the screen your balance point and by scoring you by how well you keep in those highlighted areas, you are directed to do the yoga poses and the other exercises correctly.

So it’s not just stand on the board, lift a leg, breathe in breathe out. While doing this, you must also maintain balance. And when you maintain balance, you very subtly involve more muscles, thus strengthening more of the extremely important muscles supporting your back, hips, waist, and legs.

It shows an expanding and contracting circle to visually guide you to breathe — at the right times of a yoga pose, too.

I was immediately impressed when it showed, by just standing there and “measuring” your balance, how a person should stand, where their weight should rest, if you favor one side over another, and so on. My girlfriend who has back problems, instantly noticed that this minor correction in stance immediately relieved the pressure on the lower back.

In fact, after just 2-3 days of use, she no longer sleeps in pain. She noticed a change almost immediately and now it’s been just 7 days of use and she says she’s been sleeping so much better – right hip doesn’t hurt, less lower back pain, etc.

One of the Wii Age measurement tests is simply walking in place. It can tell you if you favor one side over another. Just by making people aware of this lack of balance dramatically improves overall muscle development and reduces aches and pains accumulated throughout the day.

What I found interesting is that our 8-year-old boy asks to do his exercises in the morning before school. Before, it was always a mild struggle to get him to finish getting ready. Now, it’s get ready, then, “Can I play Wii Fit?” Also interesting is that his favorites are NOT the games, but the yoga poses and the jogging.

So, now before school, this little boy is doing yoga (he actually likes the first exercise which is simply breathing) and jogging for 6-10 minutes. THAT is impressive. In the last few days he has wanted to do the strength exercises and proudly states to me whenever he bests my score, “Rob, I did the lunge and I was balanced better than you!”

Balance translates into improved athletic ability, more efficient muscle use and development.

All this so far and I haven’t even commented on the games! Or the way they help track your progress!

I’m really impressed, to say the least. This is highly recommended.

Ally says:

The extra feet are if you need to put it on carpet so that it can register your movements and weight and things without the carpet interfering.

Tiff says:

Those aren’t replacement feet. They are foot extensions in case you have to use the Wii Fit on carpet and need more clearance.

Nice overview. I’m addicted to ski jump right now.

Wayne Summers says:

Where can I buy the feet extensions for Wii Fit?
I lost one of those round ‘thingys’ that go on the bottom of the wii fit board

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