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For me, the best moments in running are those rare times when everything feels great, the pace is strong, and the soundtrack pulling me along is flawlessly jamming in my ears. Throughout my running career I’ve struggled to get all those elements to align. And typically the factor that screws everything up is an awkward headphone digging in my ear, a bud popping out causing me to fidget with it, or the sound cutting out because the product couldn’t handle actual sweat. I’m a skeptic when it comes to these products, especially the ones that say they’re made for working out. So, when KOSS introduced their Fit Series of headphones made for active women, I jumped at the chance to see if someone finally nailed the design.

koss buds

KOSS recognized that women were being overlooked in the headphone demographic and teamed up with Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres to create a product that would actually work for active women. Together they created FitBuds and FitClips. The phones come in great colors and each model comes with three sizes of ear cushions to make sure the wearer gets the best fit for their ear. The product is created by KOSS, a high fidelity stereophone manufacturer, essentially giving you professional DJ quality in miniature form.

Like I said, I’m a skeptic. I’ve struggled to get buds to work for me throughout the years. Rarely will they fit in my ears or stay once I get going. I’ve had many clips and they have been painful and sounded terrible. I may be a rare case when it comes to buds, I’ve come to realize I have very small ears. The KOSS FitBuds were totally comfortable, but even with adjusting the cushion size they would not stay in my ears. I tried the FitClips following the buds and found I was in for a treat! These soft clips felt great. The earpiece fit just right and the sound was awesome. No slipping or extra sound seeping in. They were lightweight and didn’t budge my entire workout. I got them good and sweaty too, they didn’t miss a beat. I approve!

So, I can’t vouch for the buds, but I’m going to chalk that up to it being me, not them. My only other complaint is that I’m an Apple-head. I use phones for my iPhone and my iPod Nano. Both of these require the speaker, the volume, and tuner control on the headphone wire. This is not a feature on the FitClips or FitBuds. Not a deal breaker, but not ideal when all my tunes are already loaded onto a Nano and I can’t take time to mess with the touch screen during a run.

Since I had an excellent playlist loaded today and wore the clips during my workout, I got lost into Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” a little deeper than ever before and had one of those coveted moments where everything was perfectly aligned.


Runner Prize

Win one each of the Koss FitCips and FitBuds, plus all of this other great gear:

Gu – 24 packs in espresso and peanut butter
Injini –  lightweight ultra thin interface toe socks
Active Products – on-the-go clutch
Gel-Bot – fuel and hydration in one convenient water bottle
DietsInReview Swag – a copy of Baker’s Dozen cookbook, a DIR T-Shirt, and a DIR cowbell

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