Work it Off: 3 Ways to Burn Off a 244-Calorie Serving of Guacamole

May is here and Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. You know what that means: Guacamole season—which in my mind  lasts from around May through September—is upon us!


It may be obvious, but Guacamole is probably my favorite food, one of the three things I would want with me on a desert island. A few years ago I even had a “guac off” for my birthday party, asking guests to bring different versions of the classic green condiment/first-course which we of course then taste-tested and voted on. Versions included one with cranberries, one with chipotle chilis, and one with bacon. All were delicious, no surprise.

The good new is, guacamole is made of all sorts of good for you stuff: the avocados are full of heart healthy omega 3s and the onions, cilantro, jalepeno, and so forth provide a ton of nutrients. But moderation is not something I have an easy time practicing with guacamole, and I know I’m not alone: nutrition sites suggest a serving size of 1 oz., or about 2 Tablespoons. But as anyone who’s ever planted themselves next to the guac bowl at a party, it’s hard to stop there. I’ve easily eaten 2/3 of a cup on my own, which contains more like 244 calories. (Let’s not even get into the calories from the chips, which shoot this number way way up!)

This past Friday a friend threw a “Dos de Mayo” party, in anticipation of the real deal on the 5th. True to form I ate a lot of guacamole—probably around that 2/3 cup mark.

What were my options for burning off the extra 244 calories?



I could have stood around talking and mingling for 113 minutes.



I could have tossed around a frisbee for 68 minutes.


line dance

Or I could have led friends through rounds of the Macarena for 46 minutes.

I wound up standing around and talking. Not the best way to improve my fitness levels, but it got the job done.


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