Work it Off: 3 Ways to Burn off the 350 Calories in a Chocolate Croissant

This past fall I noticed a big flaw in my diet: When I wrote from the comfort of a coffee shop I tended to treat myself to baked goods. When I worked from home I snacked on whatever was available, which was usually fruit or nuts. Oops!

choc croissant

Of course, my coffee shop routine didn’t start out this way. At first I ate a chocolate croissant every few outings, but before long this turned into an each and every time splurge. (Clearly I didn’t read this article on choosing healthy snacks at a coffee shop!) So I changed course and started working from home more. But after several months of this new routine I decided that I needed a change of scenery.

This past week I returned to my favorite coffee shop and, for old times sake, ordered my favorite baked good of all, a chocolate croissant. I love the flaky pastry, the gooey chocolate… the way I can drag it out to last a good part of an hour.

I do not love the 350 calories in each one.

What are some ways I could have burned off these extra 350 calories?


I could have played tag with my bestie’s kiddos for 74 minutes.


I could have had an epic 114 minute trip to Costco.


I could have taken 37 minutes of a Body Pump class at the gym.

I decided to play tag with my friend’s daughters. I was faster, but they had a lot more endurance!


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