Yogini Cleanies Wipe Away Sweat and Germs After a Workout

If there is one benefit from working out at a full-service gym or fitness center, it is being able to take a shower after sixty sweaty minutes on the elliptical machine. There is not a lot that is more uncomfortable than driving home in sticky Spandex bike shorts after a spin class, or freezing in an air-conditioned supermarket because your sopping wet post-aerobics jog bra is clinging to your chest while you’re trying to do a little shopping.

Thankfully, there are Yogini Cleanies, a product that not only refreshes, but is also environmentally conscious.

Showers are great after a sweat-inducing workout, but they are not always available, and most yoga studios do not offer locker rooms equipped with a space to clean up after class, especially important if you’ve ever tried hot yoga. So what are you to do?

Yogini Cleanies, a sustainable, botanical-based cleansing product, are 100% bamboo wipes made with certified organic oils. Carefully designed to naturally cleanse the body while maintaining an eco-friendly appeal, Yogini Cleanies can be used after yoga to wash away sweat from your body or your mat.

Created by a mother-daughter team, Sunday and Madison, Yogini Cleanies serve a much-needed and valuable purpose. Born out of an intense desire to freshen up after yoga, Sunday wanted something that would not only clean her body, but also be used to disinfect her sweaty yoga mat. Combined with the convenience of use and disposability, plus the sustainability of bamboo and the natural antibacterial properties of organic essential oils, Sunday made nature’s most compatible handy wipe.

Just under a dollar per wipe, and small enough to tuck into your yoga bag or stash in your car, Yogini Cleanies offer an easy and affordable way to stay fresh. Infused with the renewed scent of lavender or lemon grass, this eco safe product can assuage your longing for a shower, and save you precious time in cleaning up if you are in a rush to meet friends or run errands after class.

In keeping with heartfelt yogic values, Sunday’s and Madison’s company supports local and national charities such as The Center, a facility for disabled adults, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

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