Zumba Gold Keeps Older Adults Fit

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Just because you’re an older adult, it doesn’t mean that you don’t like to party and have fun while you work out. Well thank goodness. I’m middle aged and headed to the “older adult” status (quicker than I may want to), but I love a good workout that really makes me feel great and really “worked.” That is just what Zumba Gold gives you; a great workout in a fun environment with people you can relate to.

You’ve probably seen the infomercials and signs at nearly every gym displaying that they now have Zumba classes.

Well, the creators of Zumba didn’t want to leave a whole generation behind, those infamous Baby Boomers, so they created a product (Zumba Gold) just for the “active older adult.” I suppose that’s the politically correct title.

Zumba Gold is designed specifically for the active older adult who wants to:

  • Manage their weight
  • Keep their heart healthy
  • Work on balance issues
  • Make new friends
  • Avoid social isolation and
  • Have a great time exercising in a group environment

Participants really get a great workout while sweating and dancing to those hypnotic Latin rhythms that include Cha-Cha, Meringue, Cumbia and Salsa.

They are really “enjoying life more and feeling more confident,” says Anne-Marie Tremblay, owner of Anne-Marie Trembly Dance Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Tremblay goes on to say that “her class attendees realize that aging is inevitable, but are grateful for tools like the Zumba Gold program that helps them to accept the aging process and provides them with exercises that help them stay self-reliant as long as they can and not be a burden to their relatives.”

Zumba Gold is the perfect way to mix social interaction, aerobics and strength conditioning, all performed in a dance workout with a party atmosphere. What could be better than that?

If you are ready to get your party on, head over to Zumba.com and click on the “Find a Class” or “Find an Instructor” tabs to search your area.


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