10 Week Wedding Fitness Plan: Week 6

bride black and whiteDown to the last five weeks of our wedding fitness plan and hopefully you are staying consistent. The name of the game is consistency! I have found that if you are loyal to exercising, it will be loyal back!

Over the past few weeks we have discussed several different styles of exercises and I understand that it may be overwhelming, but hang it there. Again, hard work will pay off; I promise.

Wedding Season Week 6:

“It all comes down to decisions, choices, and focus!” (Jackie Warner)

Tip: Keep it simple. It is those that get injured or give up that make exercising too difficult. Stay motivated, but keep it simple. Find something that you can consistently do week in and week out.

Week 6:

The focus for week six is on Olympic lifts. These may not be “simple” at first, but you will eventually get the hang of them. I used to do every single one of these lifts back in high school; if teenagers can perform these movements, so can you.

The key to being successful with these movements is proper technique. Use little to no weight and just get comfortable with the movements. They are total body movements so they will increase your heart rate as well as increase coordination, power, stability, and stamina. I recommend performing two or three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions. Good luck and remember to hit the cardio as well.

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