5 Beauty Trends Everyone Wants, Not Everyone Has, and Everyone Needs to Calm Down About

I bet if you pick up your phone or grab your computer right now, you can’t spend five minutes on the Internet without running into a beauty or fitness trend that ask women to alter the shapes of their bodies in ridiculous (and sometimes dangerous) ways.

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Our friends at Shape Magazine have spoken with experts about these beauty trends and what trying to achieve them will cost you. We’ve got our own take on the beauty and fitness buzzwords that seem to be sweeping social media.


Thigh Gap
Oh, the thigh gap. The strange ideal to have nothing but air between your legs. I understand the desire to not have your legs rub together (ugh, chafing) but beyond that I have to say this trend baffles me. For most women, a thigh gap isn’t possible. Not because they don’t exercise enough or eat right, but because of their bone structure. That’s something you cannot change.

The “V-Cut” Abs
You know the V-shape on men’s abs that makes some women drool a bit? Turns out, it’s possible for women to have them to. Of course, you probably would have to train like crazy to drop enough body fat so those muscles would show through. Even then, it may never happen because of genetics and your natural body shape. Instead of focusing on one small aspect of your body, do your best to get the whole thing in shape. You, and likely your core, will be much happier.

Toned Arms
First off, it is absolutely possible to have toned arms. However, it will take some serious work since women are genetically predisposed to have more fat on their arms. Those darn genes are getting in the way again! Lifting weights is a great way to tone the muscle in your arms, and we promise, you won’t end up looking like a dude.

Narrow Hips/Small Butt
Genes are really out to ruin all of our beauty fun. Wish and try as you might for a smaller hip and butt region, some of us just aren’t destined for it. Exercise is a great way to improve the look of your posterior, though it won’t change its overall size. You truly have to work what your momma gave you, no matter what shape or size it may be.

Concave Stomach
I’m not sure when beauty trends fast-forwarded through flat stomachs and on to concave, but I’d like to turn around. It seems completely contradictory to want v-cut abs but a concave stomach since fit abs stick out a bit. (Muscle takes up space, after all.) Also, to be so thin that your stomach concaves means you probably aren’t eating enough. That can lead to serious health problems that will make your beauty standard woes seem like a walk in the park.

When you get right down to it, not everyone is going to be able to achieve these trends, and few will even be able to achieve one of them. Ultimately, it comes down to being happy and healthy, and having a thigh gap or any other specific body shape isn’t going to be the determining factor in getting there.

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