5 Healthy Habits for Hot Summer Days

By Rachel Berman, RD, Csr, Cdn for Calorie Count

As summer rolls in everyone wants to take full advantage of the longer days and warmer weather. This year, make the most of your summer by focusing on simple, healthy activities that you can do every day of the week!

Get moving together with your friends or family every evening for a walk, jog, or bike ride. This is a great way to enjoy the weather, have some bonding time with your loved ones, and get your exercise in. Working out with others will motivate you and keep you accountable, too. On the weekends, head to the local pool for a great full body workout.

Take a trip to the farmers market and check out what’s in season. You’ll be surprised at the vast variety of fruits and vegetables available, and each week you’ll find something new. Because this produce is recently harvested it will be more fresh and nutritious than produce from the supermarket. Buying from the farmers market also supports the community and local farmers!

Grilling for dinner is sure to create a meal that everyone will love. You can grill different fish, lean meat, chicken, and vegetables marinated with olive oil, juice, and various fresh herbs like basil, mint, and oregano. You can grill extra servings to pack for a healthy lunch the next day, thus avoiding going out to eat. Grilling can also be used to make dessert. Grill fruit like pineapple and peach slices for a sweet, healthy treat. Just remember not to overcook your food and keep your grill clean.

Stay hydrated throughout the day! Water is always a good option, and it can be jazzed up to a cool, refreshing drink for hot summer days. Prepare a pitcher of water every night with some cucumber and lemon slices to give it burst of flavor. Keep it in the refrigerator and this way you have it chilled throughout the day. You can pour into cooler bottles and take it with you on-the-go as well.

Keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy options. You can freeze whole berries and fruit slices such as strawberries, bananas, peaches, etc. or blend them together to make your own popsicles. These are all a healthier, lower sugar alternative to snacks like ice cream and milkshakes. Having them available in the freezer will help you kick your cravings and avoid reaching for these other things.

Happy and healthy summer to all!

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