5 Summer Foods That Keep Your Metabolism Burning

You may think all that sweat your body is producing in this hot summer sun is dirty, sticky, and stinky, but it’s actually one of the best things your body can do for itself. Sweat pushes toxins out of your body, it cleanses and opens up your pores, and it can even help maintain or give a boost to your metabolism. Damp skin is a sign your body is working hard in all the right ways!

Give your body a reward for its efforts by nourishing it with in-season summer produce. Not only will foods like asparagus, spinach, and berries fuel your body with vital nutrients and properly and naturally cleanse your body, but some of these summer foods will keep your metabolism revved up, too.

jalapenos cherry limeade

Peppers. These spicy bites can put a few drops of sweat on your forehead, but the capsaicin chemical inside is also known for heating up your metabolism (even hours after you’ve eaten!). The capsaicin in jalapeños, habaneros, and serranos reduces inflammation, relieves sinus pain, and can take down a headache. Add some heat to your next dish or drink, like our Fizzy Jalapeno Cherry Limeades or  Watermelon Jalapeño Mojitos.

egg avocado

Avocado. Where there are peppers there are avocados, making guacamole a serious metabolism-boosting combo! The monounsaturated fats found in avocados do a whole lot of good, especially by protecting the energy center of your cells from free radical damage, there by keep that metabolism up and going. Get a serving every day by dropping half an avocado in our Green Tea Power Smoothie, or baking an egg in half an avocado.

strawberry cake

Berries. Summer’s sweetest treat, specifically the bright red strawberries and raspberries, is a key part of your metabolism arsenal. The anthocyanins, which give that warm hue, are responsible for preventing growth in fat cells and for releasing a hormone that reduces inflammation and blood sugar. Seriously, just eat them as is, but if you need them in a dish, bake them right in to this Strawberry Lemonade Cake.

healthy spinach and artichoke dip

Spinach. Those leafy greens are one of the hardest working foods, and now you can add fat-burning metabolism skills to its resume. This vitamin B-rich green converts all those macro nutrients in to energy, and when you don’t get enough that’s when your metabolism stalls or slows. Get your daily dose in salads, sandwiches, soups, sautées, or even this Guiltless Spinach and Artichoke Dip.

asparagus crepes

Asparagus. Because this veggie boasts three grams of protein per cup, it’s able optimize your metabolism’s performance. You’ll know it’s working every time you use the restroom, as asparagus has a compound that releases a distinct smell after it’s been metabolized. Whether blanched, steamed, or grilled, there are few ways we don’t like this spring veggie. Start your day with these beautiful, handmade Savory Asparagus and Prosciutto Crepes.


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photos by Dana Shultz and Kacy Meinecke for DietsInReview.com

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Janine says:

I think this couple have a real down to earth approach to dieting and would work for both people, I have lost 18lbs in 4 weeks, and am quite pleased with this, I was wondering what had really made such a difference to my eating happens and after reading about the vegetables that make a huge difference I now realise that these are the main groups that we have been eating as they are ready to pick in my garden and I have been cooking a great amount of stir frys and making salads with these ingredients, it’s great to know that I’m on the right track. I feel a lot of the people that have lost weight and shown themselves have gone overboard and are now too skinny because you still need to have a great condition to your body and I’m sorry but stick figures below on children’s drawings not people, this couple look fantastic, they’re my goal and I’m happy with what they’ve achieved, and how they work at weight management all things in are ok just keep it to the right proportions and you can still love the food you enjoy.

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