A Public Edible Fruit Forest Will Soon Be a Reality in Seattle

Imagine a park where you don’t have to say to your kids, “don’t put that in your mouth!”. In fact, imagine one where you encourage them to do the opposite. Well, it’s happening! Seattle will soon be home to the nation’s first-ever edible park.

A seven-acre plot of land in Seattle’s Beacon Hill area will soon be the Beacon Food Forest. The area will be planted with several types of edible plants. Walnut and chestnut trees, berry bushes, fruit trees, even exotics like pineapple and lingonberries will grow in this new park. The best part? It’s open for public picking and plucking. All are invited and encouraged to eat up the nation’s’ first food forest.

The concept of a food forest is intended to mimic the ecosystem of a woodland ecosystem. While this woodland is all comprised of edible plants, it’s still intended to sustain itself and return every season, like a real forest would. The plan is also set up so that the right insects are attracted for natural pest control, certain plants serve as soil amenders, and together all of the plants create a relationship that will yield lots of food but require little maintenance.

apple tree

The vision of the organization is pretty simple and easy to stand behind.

  • Improve public health
  • Reduce climate impact
  • Improve the security of our food supply

Pinch me! Is this really true? The hard workers at Beacon Food Forest have done the footwork and it seems this dream will be a reality. Imagine if this concept took off and spread? What it could do for our environment, our kids, our grocery bills, and our health.

The work isn’t over and the organization can always use help. To get involved you can contact The Beacon Food Forest and help start an amazing trend across the nation.

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