At DadLabs, Motivation is the Key to Weight Loss

The week of June 15 is Men’s Health Week at Brad Powell joins as a Men’s Health guest blogger.
Brad Powell a.k.a. “Daddy Brad,” is the Chief Operating Officer, Producer and Co-Founder of DadLabs. Inc. He serves as co-host for two of the DadLabs weekly web shows and is an avid daddy blogger, accomplished parenting speaker and social media panelist. brad powell dadlabs

Powell is co-author of DadLabs Guide To Fatherhood, Pregnancy and Year One, and is a regular columnist for the web publication Destination and was selected as Dad of the Month by I-Parenting Media in May of 2023. He is an avid Tweeter and was recently named to Austin Social Media’s Top 100 list.  He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children and has one more on the way.

Historically, it seems the only way that I successfully lose weight is to be in some kind of fat loss competition. Six years ago after the birth of our first child, I looked down and realized that I was fat. Really fat! Fat like an old school State Senator from Alabama. So I challenged my good buddy and colleague Daddy Clay, to see who could drop the most lbs in a given period of time.  

A formidable match was he, given his resemblance to Jaba the Hut. Whoever lost the most weight from November to January won a steak dinner, compliments of the other guy. Looking to shed 45 pounds quickly, I went on the patented Daddy Brad Diet; better know as the Bacon, Bourbon and Cigarette diet. While it worked wonders for my waistline and helped me write a ton of great blues songs, I fear it wasn’t the greatest thing for my long-term health. I dropped tons of weight, scored a free steak dinner and walked around for a long time looking like I was wearing my dad’s clothes.

A few months ago, as I prepared for the arrival of my third child, I realized that I was once again fat. Not Dixie Land State Senator Fat, more like, Notre Dame Football Coach Fat!  Needing to lose the weight pronto, I crafted yet another challenge. My brain child was an obese busting competition against my co-workers, Daddy Clay included who had ballooned again as well, and any one else in the DadLabs’ Community who dared to dual with me via cellulite. But this time instead of following some whacked out protein and stimulant fueled diet, I decided to be simple and sensible. My plan included three portion-controlled meals a day, snacks of nuts and vegetables combined with daily exercise. Guess what? It worked! Who knew that eating right and exercising regularly will actually help you lose weight and maintain your weight?

Ultimately I realized the secret to my weight loss was all about motivation.  I also won the challenge, take that Jaba!

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