Atkins Releases Three New Frozen Meals that Pass the Taste Test

The name Atkins is synonymous with the low-carb diet fad of the early 2000s. However, that name means much more than a passing fad and the brand is continuing to release products that are intended to provide great food, healthy ingredients, and still remain lower on the carb scale. They just released three new frozen meals, and it looks like they accomplished their goal.

Chicken Marsala - Atkins Diet

 The three new frozen meal flavors are sesame chicken stir-fry, Italian-style pasta bake, and chicken marsala. They all average about 350-400 calories, about 25 grams of fat, and a nice rate of about 25 grams of protein. The meals net about 4-7 grams of carbohydrates per meal and they are appropriate for anyone at any phase of the Atkins Diet. Furthermore, the ingredients are pretty good too. Very few additives or “things that are hard to pronounce” on the label. The company boasts how they use no fillers in the meat, premium cuts of vegetables, real butter and natural creams in their sauces. This all sounds great, but the real test came when the meals were put to the taste test.

Our taster didn’t really read the label, he just microwaved the meals and ate them for lunch. His first response was in regard to the meat. He mentioned it actually looked good, not like many other frozen meals he’d seen before. The chicken looked like good chicken and he enjoyed the taste. He said the pasta bake was his favorite of the three because it was so meaty. The beef and sausage were flavorful and plentiful. The vegetables appeared fresh and he said they tasted fresh, not soft or mushy, especially in the marsala. Overall, he enjoyed the meals. They weren’t just OK, because they were “diet food.” He said they were simply good meals. The portions may have been a little small for the number of calories they contained, but overall the rich flavors were satisfying.

Whether you’re trying to stick to the Atkins plan or need a quick and healthy meal that actually tastes good, it looks like the new frozen dishes from Atkins may be a good choice for you. The meals should be in the freezer sections of most grocery stores.

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