ElectricFoxy’s Super-Charged Garments Zap Your Posture and Workout in to Shape

A dog can be trained to stay inside the perimeter of a fence by wearing an electric shock collar. The moment the dog gets too close to the boundary it will feel a mild current that is intended to teach the dog to stop. With a little bit of discomfort as reinforcement, the dog will learn to stay in the yard.

While people are generally more intelligent than our furry four-legged friends, some still need a little help recognizing the perimeters of their own body awareness.

Electricfoxy is the company behind the high-tech “wearable technology garment” MOVE. The wired tank works in conjunction with a mobile app that saves and tracks progress and patterns of movement. Programmed with four stretch and bend sensors, the MOVE garment, which looks like a flashy space-aged tank top, reads the body’s movements and assesses whether or not they are correct based on the desired outcome. When movements are out of sync with the data entered into the app, the wearer will feel an electric buzzing sensation in the area that needs to be corrected, keeping the body within the preferred parameter.

Those in need of assistance in the area of kinesthetic intelligence can now wear a garment that helps keep the body within the boundaries of healthy or desired movement. Whether it is while dancing, playing golf, practicing yoga or simply just sitting, standing, or walking around, a shirt can be donned that acts like a mild shock collar, giving the user gentle reinforcement to suggest possible misalignment.

I would like to put this shirt on my husband. I would like to program the app to keep him working out in the yard. The minute he started walking away from the lawnmower, the shirt would zap and squeeze, giving him a gentle reminder that he is not yet done with his chores.

Of course, the Electricfoxy MOVE garment is not meant to be a torture device to coerce people into doing what we want them to do. After all, we are not dogs needing to stay put inside the fence. By using the garment, we’ll have the ability to analyze our movement patterns throughout the day, if we choose to wear it all day long. This can give us some great insight into postural misalignment that could lead to unnecessary wear and tear on our joints. I could use a little prodding to sit up straight from time to time. We all could.

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