Exercise Benefits Last Long After Workout

The benefits of exercise have been touted in many ways. One of those is that you continue to experience benefits even when you are not in the act of exercising. For example, if you have more lean muscle mass, you burn more calories ’round the clock.

But these benefits may be even more powerful than once thought. A new study has found that 10 minutes of brisk exercise triggers metabolic changes that can last at least an hour after the fact. Dr. Robert Gerszten of Massachusetts General Hospital found that after 10 minutes of using the treadmill, there were metabolic changes 60 minutes later.

As an added incentive for people who are just getting started on their routine, the benefits are better for those who are in better shape.

Now for the details.

When the team of researchers examined 70 healthy people after using the treadmill, they found change in more than 20 metabolites, naturally produced compounds that help burn calories and fat, and improve blood-sugar control.

Dr. Debbie Muoio of Duke University Medical Center cautions people to not expect a pill that mimics these effects, as researchers have found that these bodily processes are amazingly complex. So, get movin’!

(via: MSNBC)

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