Fitness Instructor Gains Weight, Addicted to Junk Food

Paul “PJ” James, 32, of Melbourne Australia is a former model and a fitness instructor. Needless to say he’s in peak physical condition. Well, he was in peak physical condition. That’s because James went on a binge-eating experiment to better understand his overweight clients.

Photo: Sky News

Paul James of Australia via Sky News

James went from 175 pounds to 280 pounds. At least that’s what the article on Yahoo says. I had to convert stones to pounds, but the before/after pictures don’t seem to match that drastic of a change.

To gain that weight James ate kebabs, french fries, bacon, and chocolate milk, presumably not all at the same time. He also gave up exercise.

While James had regular check-ups, he still risked liver disease and heart problems. Plus, he ended up addicted to junk food.

“I feel down. I don’t feel like doing anything. I used to eat lean meat and veg, now I’ve got a taste for biscuits and fizzy drinks. It’s tough to break the cycle,” he says.

He’s currently back to his regular routine, trying to get fit by Christmas.

(via: Yahoo News UK)

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biscuits are okay but cut out the soda. there is no minimum daily requirement for refined sugar.

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