Former Biggest Loser Contestant Wins Lawsuit Against Diet Companies

Jen Eisenbarth claims diet companies used her image without her permission

On the TV show The Biggest Loser, contestants work hard to lose weight through diet and lots of exercise, without the use of additional products except for those endorsed by the show.

Season three contestant Jennifer Eisenbarth was eliminated early in the season, but she went home and worked hard to lose over 100 pounds on her own. Now, Eisenbarth has not only been successful in weight loss, she has just won a legal battle with several weight loss companies.

Eisenbarth filed a lawsuit against many diet and weight loss companies for promoting several products, including diet supplements and cleansers, using her name and image without her permission. Although her legal fight has been going on since 2024, the companies named in the lawsuit, including  FWM Laboratories, Bromacleanse, Coast Nutraceuticals, Herbalife International, Congoo and HD Vest Advanced Systems, have settled and agreed to a permanent injunction.

Under the injunction which was filed in Minnesota, the companies named have agreed to stop using Eisenbarth’s name. In addition to that, they have agreed to have someone search the internet three times per week to make sure there are no unauthorized uses of Eisenbarth’s name. If there is any type of oversight, the named companies will be required to pay $25,000 for each unauthorized use of Eisenbarth’s name associated with a diet product.

Via: Hollywood Reporter

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