Four Reasons Why Dad’s Good Health is a Must

tom galanThe week of June 15 is Men’s Health Week at, just in time to celebrate the special men in your life. Tommy Galan joins as a Men’s Health guest blogger. He is the author of, a blog dedicated to designing happy lives through exciting goals and healthy lifestyle.  A few of his many adventures include performing on Broadway, earning a Juris Doctorate, finishing marathons, and traveling the world.  He lives in New York City with his wife and son.

Good dads put family first, even at dad’s expense, right? Maybe not. Fatherhood responsibility continues to mount as more dads become increasingly involved in roles traditionally assigned to mom. Full-time and part-time stay-at-home dads are not uncommon these days. While dads accept this new role, they are also expected to keep up with their other responsibilities. Good fathers are committed with a smile and a sense of pride. Unfortunately, many give lovingly at the expense of their personal health.

Fathers who give unconditionally can find it difficult to find motivation for personal good health.  Nevertheless, for the whole family to be happy, the whole family must be healthy. Among all the hats dads wear, they must also be the example for healthy eating and lifestyle. Here’s how to find that motivation and follow through:

First, if you want to be a good dad, good health is a MUST. Your children and your wife are influenced by your actions, and your dedication to your health will be reflected in them as you set an walking

Second, recognize that humans are driven by the desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain. Putting off your health is a result of these associations. Time away from family or career are classic examples of pain associated with good health.

Third, learn to use pain/pleasure to your advantage. Reflect on the following points: If I continue to make poor health choices, how will this affect my family? How will they reflect my example? Will I be around to watch my children marry or to meet my grandkids? How will my example affect their health? How can I prevent this future reality by changing today?

Finally, take action and make it FUN. Include your kids and your wife. Go swimming or for walks. Instead of exercise, choose movement that excites you and brings you together as a family. Learn to cook together.  Make it fun so your family links pleasure to good health. Above all, remember that being a great dad and great husband requires you to be around for a long time.

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