Fried Kool-Aid Balls Available at San Diego Fair [VIDEO]

We all knew we were not supposed to “drink the Kool-Aid,” but who would have guessed that eating the Kool-Aid would ever become an option.
It’s crazy but true. One can now obtain deep fried Kool-Aid balls.

The inventor of the state fair staple of deep fried Oreos has added another ridiculous concoction to his repertoire. A recent Time article explains how the new treat is prepared for the county fair goers in San Diego.

Fried Kool-Aid ball creator, Charlie Boghosian prepares a thick mix of Kool-Aid and then adds flour and water. He scoops the mix into a fryer with an ice cream scoop, lets them bob for a minute and then pulls them out. He compares the balls to doughnut holes. Boghosian uses cherry Kool-Aid and boasts of the strong cherry flavor.

Charlie Boghosian, known as “Chicken Charlie” after the food trailers he totes around to California fairs, has many other deep-fried adventures prepared in his trailers. Deep-fried Coca Cola, White Castle Burgers, pop tarts, and even s’mores are just a few of the over the top foods he prepares.

One should use the term food lightly, though. While the flavors may be enjoyable, these fried items are loaded with calories and light on nutrients. It’s doubtful will they even satisfy an appetite, causing one to consume even more calories just to feel full. The math adds up quickly as to how America struggles so badly with obesity.

It’s always a news story when these new items hit the food courts, but it’s not new. Apparently, Americans are still being excited by what the next craziest item to be battered and fried will be. It’s also apparent that Americans are okay with being great fodder for the anonymous models in news reports about obesity. You know, the street shots of people walking with their big bellies. The bellies that strangely resemble the physique of the Kool-Aid Man.

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