hCG Diet Reviewed by FullBar’s Dr. Michael Snyder

Dr. Michael Snyder

With loyal and passionate followers and and concerned naysayers, the hCG diet is one of the most controversial diets on the market today. In order to offer the DietsInReview.com readers with a medical and scientific perspective, we interviewed Dr. Michael Snyder, a weight loss surgeon and the founder of FullBar, to share his medical opinion about the hCG diet.

What is hCG?

hCG is a naturally-occurring hormone. But just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean that it’s safe.

Increased amounts of hCG are part of a common physiological process, such as in the instance of pregnancy, but they are also markers of severe pathological problems as well, such as malignancies.

Does hCG work?

I have seen no indication that ingesting hCG increases your blood level of it. Your body, just like it would digest a piece of chicken, is going to digest hCG and break it down.

In addition, I have found no clinical indication that hCG increases metabolism. If this were the case, we might see pregnant women who are also anorexic, but in fact, we see just the opposite: Pregnant women gain weight.

The reason why hCG diets will work is because you are also eating only a 500-calorie or 1,200-calorie-a-day diet. Following a calorically-restricted diet is very worthwhile as an adjunct to weight loss, and anytime you have a person who consumes an unrestricted diet, alter their eating patterns to consume a calorically-regulated diet, you will see weight loss.

What are the risks involved with hCG?

hCG in and of itself is not injurious but I’m skeptical that intentionally increasing your levels of hCG is effective and safe.

There are individuals who are placed on oral hormone replacement treatment. Thyroid hormones are a great example. When you are taking medically-prescribed hormones, like thyroid, your doctor will carefully monitor the feedback loop of the hormones. This feedback response is something that you can measure.

With hCG, I see no such monitoring being done which makes me think that either it is being prescribed in a very casual and very dangerous way or that you’re simply not absorbing it. I haven’t found any clinical studies that show how hCG is being dosed and monitored when it’s prescribed, and if so, if it is in fact having any effects.

In addition, if something is that good, as hCG claims to be, you are likely then to find it all over in thousands of stores. My concern is that if you can only find it on the internet, then it has limited veracity.

Thanks so much Dr. Snyder!

After years of working with people who are seriously overweight at his nationally recognized Bariatric Center of Excellence, Dr. Snyder wanted to do more for the majority of people with weight issues who are not candidates for surgery or who would never consider surgery. He also wanted to be able to help people who had been disappointed by their previous weight-loss efforts. That’s when the idea of Fullbar was born. Dr. Snyder wanted to help people feel that same level of fullness in a non-surgical way. Learn more about FullBar and Dr. Michael Snyder by visiting the FullBar website.

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My friend Brent don’t like it, their customer support is shabby.
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