Healthy Gifts for Your High School or College Grad

Money may be a graduation gift that will never be returned, but you may be looking for a more unique and useful graduation gift for that high school or college senior in your life. Here are eight health and fitness gifts that are perfect for someone with a new diploma.

High School Grads

There’s some doubt about the real origins of the “freshman 15,” but it’s certainly something that many college-bound students worry about. Why not outfit your grad with tools to help them stay active and eat right?

Student Cookbooks

There are lots of cookbooks that offer advice to college student who are preparing meals in their dorms, but many of these books focus on convenience rather than health. Instead, consider picking up a copy The Healthy College Cookbook. For the adventurous, Vegan and vegetarian cookbooks are also fun for students who may want to explore new ways of eating.

Portable Fitness Gear

It’s important to remember that college students won’t have a lot of space in their dorm rooms, particularly freshmen with roommates. Small fitness items like a jump rope, resistance bands, a small medicine ball or a yoga mat can all be great additions to a dorm room workout.

Klean Kanteen water bottle in blueWater Bottle

A good water bottle is really a college-campus must. I love Klean Kanteen’s stainless steel products, because they are BPA-free and come in a range of appealing colors.

College Grads

Entering the workforce comes with a number of challenges and new sources of stress. Working out can be an important way to relieve the pressure of a new job or the job hunt.

Healthy Food Gift Basket

Most college students have figured out how to feed themselves by the time they’ve graduated. However, a basket of healthy (and maybe a little fancy) foods and condiments can be a great present for anyone who’s going to be stocking the kitchen of a new apartment. Of course you should take the tastes of your grad into account, but consider filling the basket with healthy cooking oils, spices, nuts, fresh or dried fruits, teas and maybe even some dark chocolate.

Gym Shoes

College students are pretty good at wearing things out, especially the athletic shoes that can be worn everywhere on campus. A new pair might be a welcome gift. Plus, many gyms ask that you do not wear street shoes while working out. Picking out shoes for someone else can be tough, so consider picking up a gift certificate.

heart rate monitor for wristHeart Rate Monitor/Pedometer

Regardless of gym membership, a digital tracking tool like a heart rate monitor or a pedometer can really enhance a workout. We like models that include software to track progress over time. We particularly like the Nautilus Heart Rate Monitor, that also has a pedometer and a calorie counter.

Gym Membership

Of course, a gym membership isn’t for everyone, but a membership to the gym can really help the newly graduated stay fit without worrying about adding more strain to their bank accounts. It’s important for people who are job hunting to do activities that help them stay active and positive—like working out. Depending on the recipient’s personality, a membership to a pool or unlimited yoga passes are equally desirable gifts.

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