Healthy Summer Cooking with Kids

During the school year your kids are working hard learning to read, write, multiply and divide. When school’s out, it’s time for fun and relaxation. There certainly is plenty of that to be had at the beach, the pool or amusement park. But sometimes the weather has a mind of it’s own.

On one of those extra hot and humid days, why not spend some time in the kitchen with your kids?

Cooking skills are useful for kids and the time you spend together can help your child make better food choices all year long. Not only that, cooking fresh foods without cans or boxes is just downright fun. If you are a cook, you can definitely pass your skills on to your children. But if you aren’t skilled in the kitchen, never fear – you can learn together!

Watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution sparked changes in many families, my own included. The Food Revolution website has some amazingly simple and delicious recipes; one favorite that I enjoyed preparing with my kids was this Meatballs and Pasta. Watch as Jamie gives step by step directions and let your kids prepare dinner tonight!

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