How Justin Bieber Stays Fit Boxing, Running and Eating Healthy

A video of Justin Bieber and Mike Tyson boxing is creating quite a buzz around the Web. And it has us wondering what exactly the young singer’s fitness routine is.

Rumors have circulated that as the teen star matures in his career, he seeks out new role models such as Tyson and fellow pop star Usher. With these new friendships come new activities, such as boxing sessions as Tyson’s personal gym.

This seems to fit Bieber’s personality as fitness has always been a part of his life despite a busy schedule. The singer has managed to stay in tip-top shape by making time for his workouts even though the past few years have been a whirlwind of concerts, video shoots, and countless TV appearances promoting his music.

After releasing his first album, Bieber went straight to performing his hits around the world, and was on and off tour for about a year. Globetrotting is just a part of Justin’s life and he has had to make adjustments to accommodate his hectic lifestyle. In order to do so, the star hired personal trainer Dolvett Quince to keep him in shape for his most recent tour; Quince is now a trainer on The Biggest Loser.

Bieber’s fitness routine isn’t far from your average teenager’s. Cardio training is important to the singer, so he runs for 15 to 20 minutes and also practices high intensity interval training (HIIT). Sources say he also loves to run without a shirt on, much to his female fans’ delight. Weight training and upper body strength building are two other key elements of Bieber’s routine, and his trainer also stresses the importance of stretching both before and after a workout.

When he isn’t in the gym, the star also enjoys playing sports like basketball, football, and golf with friends to stay in shape.

Eating well is another factor in Bieber’s healthy lifestyle. He can’t eat all the junk food he pleases because it can reportedly affect his voice. By no means does that mean that he eats carrots and celery all day, but the star does enjoy an occasional splurge on junk food. And at just 18 years old, Bieber is still growing and his body needs plenty of nutrients from a healthy diet.

As the world has watched Bieber grow in both his career and stature over the past several years, so have we. And we look forward to seeing how he continues to incorporate healthy habits into his hectic lifestyle. But in the meantime, we can be sure to see Bieber flashing his toned abs to the world in magazine spreads because of his dedication to working out and eating healthy.

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