How to Stretch Your Glutes and Hamstrings for Fitter Summer Traveling

Are you traveling during summer vacation? Probably so.

Do you stretch on these trips? You can guess the answer to this is usually NO!!

Personally, I travel at least twice a month and I use these two following stretches all of the time to open my tight hips and lengthen my hamstrings after hours of sitting.

It’s important to remember excessive amounts of sitting may cause lower back pain from shortened hip flexors that can pull the pelvis forward resulting in discomfort. Also, sitting will place increased amount of pressure on the spine compared to standing or lying down.

Here’s a simple solution that will keep you feeling good as you take on all of the adventures and activity in your vacation itinerary.

Hamstring Stretch

Lying on your back holding onto a rolled up bath towel. Hook the towel around the foot and pull your leg toward the chest. Try to keep the leg as straight as possible for maximum stretch.

Hold the stretch for at least 60 seconds.

Glute Stretch

Sitting tall with the knees bent, turn out at the hips with one leg in front of the other. Reach the arms forwards as you pivot the torso from the hips over the legs. Repeat with the other leg in front.

Hold the stretch for at least 60 seconds.

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