Jessica Rogers Lost 110 Pounds – “I Was Eating Myself to Death”

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“I’m in tears knowing that I will get a chance to encourage more people. It is my heart’s desire to help make people realize their potential, overcome fear and reach their goals.” This is the reply we received from Jessica Rogers when we told her she would be featured on our True Weight Loss segment. After losing 110 pounds, Jessica is on a mission to tell others, “It’s all about your mindset.”

One night realized I was literally eating myself to death

When Jessica was a teenager, a lack of exercise, eating a poor diet and yo-yo dieting all contributed to her weight gain. But in times of clarity, she knew that it was the way she ate, that was often the biggest problem. Even in her adult years, Jessica admits that she would often eat until she became physically ill. One day, she had a startling thought, “If I don’t make a change for the better I won’t live long enough to see my children grow.”

How she lost 35 pounds in two months
Once Jessica got herself in the right mindset, she started a two-fold approach to losing weight. She joined a commercial weight loss program to help track calories, then she bought the DVD, Walk Away the Pounds and committed to it faithfully. After losing 35 pounds in two months by utilizing these two methods, she knew she was on the right track.

Ramping it up after pregnancy
During her weight loss, Jessica became pregnant. Instead of using it as an excuse to backslide, Jessica continued to eat healthy for the baby, and gained only 7 pounds. After delivery (well, not immediately after) Jessica put her weight loss effort in overdrive by utilizing the My Fitness Pal app, introducing jogging to her exercise regimen and routinely letting Jillian Michaels beat her up in Jillian’s famous 30 Day Shred video.

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I am worth all the hard work I have put in over and over again
In a little over three years, and having a baby during that time, Jessica is proud of herself for losing over 100 pounds. Even through plateaus and a brief backslide when her family moved from Newfoundland to Alberta, she stuck to the plan. She knew she had to become her own coach. “You must first decide in your head that you want this, and need this more than anything else,” she explained. “Then you have to commit and give it your all.”

Jessica’s advice to others trying to lose weight: “It won’t be easy and you’ll have to put in the work, but I promise if you give it your all and not give up, you will become the happiest and healthiest you have ever been. You have to believe in yourself – and work your butt off!


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