Idaho Mom Loses 100 Pounds and Manages Type 2 Diabetes

Joining us as guest blogger is Jill Knapp. Jill is from Idaho, where she lost 100 pounds after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant. Today, she manages her diabetes with diet and exercise and without medication. Jill’s goal is to keep generating awareness about Type 2 diabetes and encouraging others to “Get Up and Get Moving.” I competed in the Mrs. Idaho pageant, made the top 5 and the reason I competed is to spread my message more.

Jill Knapp: Before/After Losing 100 Pounds

Jill Knapp: Before/After Losing 100 Pounds

Like many other pregnant mothers, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I had my last child at age 37. I was suffering from fatigue and headaches after childbirth. My son was born very ill and I thought my own health symptoms were just the result of taking care of a sick newborn. My husband encouraged me to go see my doctor to find out what was causing the headaches. After taking a few tests, I was confirmed as a Type 2 diabetic.

Like anyone else hearing this new for the first time, I was in shock.  It took about 24 hours for me to establish an action plan as I did not want this for myself nor for my family. So I gradually began to exercise and eat six small meals a day. Over time, I lost 100 pounds and successfully brought my diabetes under control.

Today, I am a diabetes advocate, speaking publicly at health fairs, schools, youth groups and gyms sharing my journey and encouraging others to lead a healthier lifestyle. I also established my own website to educate others about Type 2 diabetes as I find great joy in motivating others to reach their health goals. I am a strong advocate of making lifestyle changes rather than following fad diets and I strongly encourage others to “Get Up and Get Moving.”

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2 Responses to Idaho Mom Loses 100 Pounds and Manages Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Kathy says:

    Love this post. She has a very strong message to share. Good for her for losing so much weight. She looks wonderful. She definitely has inspired me to get up and get moving.

  2. Janice says:

    Great work. sounds like shed to go through so much to get the results you got. Her site has so much helpful information on it. She looks amazing. I have diabetes and still have 35 pounds to go. I have had to use assistance with diet pills but I only take them twice a week now.

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