James Loses 160 Pounds Before His 21st Birthday!

James (before)

While he is only 20 years old, James Rice has experienced a lifetime’s worth of emotions. When he graduated from high school, he was nearly 370 pounds. But in less than two years, James has managed to lose about 160 pounds, now weighing 210 pounds.

While his peers were graduating from high school and thinking about what to do with the rest of their lives, James was thinking about how he was going to survive at the dangerous weight that he was hovering at.

“I just said ‘enough is enough,’ I need to lose weight or I am going to die,” says James. “I slowly cut down on my eating, so my stomach started to get used to eating smaller portions.”

In an age when people want instant gratification with as little effort as possible, James found success the old-fashioned all-natural way – without surgery, but with a whole lot of determination.

You hear about school reunions, 10 to 20 years after graduation, when people have gained weight. or lost hair, and they worry about what their old friends will think. But, James’ weight loss has been so dramatic, in such a short period of time, that even just two years after the fact, his old schoolmates don’t even recognize him:

“I go back to my old high school sometimes and see people I graduated with and I don’t even get recognized.”

We asked James to share some of his experiences in his weight loss journey, and here is what he had to say:

Since young kids and teens can be so mean, were there difficulties you dealt with from your peers in school?

Of course, if I ever got into an argument with someone the first thing they say is “shut up fat ass,” or whatever. Most of my high school left me alone, there was just always that one group though.

What was it that made you think “enough is enough”?

James (after)

When I stepped on the scale and I was just about 375 pounds and age 17-18. I finally realized I needed to do something or I’m not going to be around much longer. I was sick of not being able to do the normal things a normal healthy person can do, like go to the beach, pool, play sports, and what not. I was always tired and lazy and had no motivation. I was also always out of breath.

What did you start changing in your diet to get you back on track? Did you follow a structured diet or brand name plan?

I started to change my diet in 2022. I started to just cut down on my meals so my stomach will get used to smaller portions. I started to to slowly eat healthier and healthier. I mostly stayed away from soda, juice, candy, and any junk food. I would also stay away from foods high in fat, sugars, and carbs.

What, if any, are your favorite unhealthy foods that you occasionally indulge in?

Peanut butter, pasta, and ice cream. I do not know why, but I love peanut butter. I used to eat a whole box of pasta by myself. Today I have these foods only on occasion.

What was your workout during your weight loss? What do you do now?

Very little weight lifting. Mostly cardio and whatnot.

What do you think will be the key to your long-term weight loss success?

Just keeping a good head on my shoulders. I always remember what it is like to be heavy, and I will always think and say to myself I’m never looking back and going to be like that again. I love the life I am living now, and I have never been more motivated or happier, and nothing can change that.

Any final thoughts or advice you would like to give readers?

It is never too late to do something about your weight or health. In the end it always pays off, and you will be the happiest person on Earth. Success never felt so good.

James is told all the time that he should consider becoming a personal trainer. It’s something he is going to look into.

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