Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Lessons Learned

After the disappointment in the last episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, it was a wonderful surprise to see that the administrator of West Adams High had hopefully found a loophole, so that Jamie and his kids could indeed cook for the entire school, at least as an assembly. The administrator said that the school was based on experiential teaching and preparing kids for college, so healthy eating fit right into their principles. In the mean time, Jamie continued his role of instructor, trying out different subjects beyond culinary arts.

In math class, Jamie taught about calories and consequences by allowing students to choose a snack between soda, chocolate bars, pizza, or oranges. He then allowed them to experience weight gain using weight backpacks. Jamie then took his math students out to the track having the students walk around the track enough times to burn the calories of what they had just eaten.

In social studies class, Jamie brought in adults from the community to share their health stories with the students. By the end of the period, the kids were all in tears and identifying how the stories related to their own families.

Jamie finally took Los Angeles’ Food Revolution into the home to single father’s family. The dad clearly felt guilty about how much fast food he was feeding his two boys, but felt like he did not know how to cook. Jamie explained that parents choose fast food by default because they just don’t yet know what to do. Jamie showed them just how much fast food they were in eating in typical Jamie Oliver style. The better visualization was when Jamie sent dad out to get a normal lunch for his family, while Jamie stayed home to instruct the boys on preparing a meal. In less time than it took dad to drive through and pick up fast food, the boys prepared everything from scratch, including the drink, salad dressing, and a tomato sauce. Dad spent $31, but the meal the boys prepared was only $23. It was clear that Jamie made a real impact on this family.

In the meantime, all permits for filming in any LAUSD school were revoked from the Food Revolution. Although the administrator of West Adams High and MLA fought the decision, Jamie vows to move his kitchen to a building near the school, stating “In my kitchen, it’s a free country.” It’s an interesting statement for a Brit to make in the United States.

Don’t forget to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC at 9p EST Friday evenings.

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