9 Japanese Vending Machines That Offer A Variety of Foods, and One That Might Be Illegal

For the past two weeks I’ve been gabbing about vending machines. These glass-front boxes are the perfect receptical for food on-the-go. Insert a dollar, make your selection, and unless the item gets stuck on the winding coil (dang it, I hate that) you’ll have a snack to put in your face in seconds.

Last week we gave you a list of the healthiest vending machine choices, this week we have no advice, just pure amusement from the land that has turned vending into an art form, Japan!

LETTUCE – Grown with artificial sunlight, this vending machine isn’t very exciting but it does get points for being healthy.

japan vending lettuce

APPLES – Sliced, bagged and ready to go. An apple a day keeps the “ishi” away. Ishi means doctor in Japanese. I Googled it. You’re welcome.

japan vending apples


GRILLED MEAT SAUCE – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking down the street ready to chomp into a juicy T-bone and then realize I forgot to put meat sauce in my purse.

japan vending grilled meat sauce


CUP OF NOODLES – Multi-flavored. Hot water is your responsibility. Also, how perfect would this be on a college campus?

Japan vending cup of noodles

CORN SOUP – Sold in beverage vending machines in Japan. And look, according to the can, “Now with even more corn kernels.” Mmmm. . .

japan vending can of corn

HOT MEALS – Piping hot chicken, french fries, noodles, hot dogs, and a fried fish-shaped something.

japan vending casual frozen food

BOOZE – Do you know what goes great with fried fish-shaped somethings? Hooch! In Japan you can buy cans of beer out of a machine. Who’s checking the IDs? This seems irresponsible, Japan.

japan vending hooch

SUSHI – I wish I knew the particulars on this one because I think it looks like an emergency room visit waiting to happen. Is it hand-rolled? Does it come with Wasabi? So. Many. Questions.

japan vending sushi

WHISKY AND M&MS – In a jar! Bring it with you to Bunco night, give as a hostess gift, or enjoy by yourself if you have a bad case of the Mondays.

japan vending whiskey



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