Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Launches an All-Natural Supplement Line

Supplements can be a great way to complement a healthy lifestyle by providing the additional nutrients your body may need. They can also be found almost anywhere, sold by several companies. However, a challenge arises when searching for a supplement that is not only good for your body, but good for the planet as well. To help bridge that gap, the Honest Company, created by actress and activist Jessica Alba, has launched a line of supplements that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

honest company supplements

Dedicated to creating and selling products that work well without compromising value or ethics, the Honest Company has already made great strides. It focuses on the health and sustainability of the planet and making sure its products are relatively low impact. In addition to trying to keep the world green, it also tries to make it a little nicer by committing to its own charitable partnerships and encouraging a feeling of social responsibility in its members.

The Honest Company currently offers a variety of products including those for baby, bath and body and household cleaning. The new supplement line is an expansion of the health and wellness collection that the company already sells. It includes prenatal vitamins, a DHA/Omega-3 supplement and a baby/toddler multi-vitamin powder. The Honest Company also plans to release a kid’s multi-vitamin soon. All of the supplements are free of gluten, nuts, soy and GMOs.

The purpose of the line is to offer health- and eco–conscious individuals an option in supplements without sacrificing their values. Advertised as organic and food-based, the supplements rely on the natural nutrients found in food instead of the questionable ingredients other supplements may use. By focusing on natural ingredients, the Honest Company hopes to lessen the environmental impact of itself and its consumers. When looking for a supplement to enhance a healthy lifestyle, the new line from the Honest Company may warrant a good look.

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