Karate Kids Fitness Program for Home

Have you taken your kids to see the “Karate Kid” remake with Jaden Smith? Did you leave the theater enthused and excited about martial arts training? Once you looked into it, though, were you put off by the expense and the commitment? Maybe you just can’t fit in one more activity after school. The Karate Kids Home Fitness program may be just what you are looking for.

First created in 2001, Karate Kids Home Fitness is one of the country’s largest fitness programs for children. It was designed by a decorated martial arts practitioner and instructor Robert Tallack, a three time World Martial Arts Championship winner.

With the tagline, “Building Confidence Through Fitness”,  the three month program consists of 25-minute DVD lessons. During the execution of those lessons, children are given passwords. They can then enter the passwords into the Online Kids Clubs to earn Fitness Points. There are also stickers that parents can give their children, and both a manual and a poster for the children to track their progress.

This award winning program offers both short- and long-term rewards, a proven technique to increase self-esteem and positive behaviors with children. Martial arts is well-known for its many positive benefits to children – why not check out the program? You may just have a budding karate kid living right in your own house!

(image: Safe Kids of Washington)

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