Vending Machine Pizza Delivered to the U.S. by Let’s Pizza

Have you ever wanted fresh pizza but didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag or wait for the 30-minute delivery? Well an innovative European-based food company is fixing that problem with its Let’s Pizza vending machines that produce a made-from-scratch pizza in less than three minutes.

The vending machine, which was developed by Claudio Torghel, comes from A1 Concepts – a company based in the Netherlands. Let’s Pizza has become quite popular throughout Europe, which is why the company has decided to plant a U.S. headquarters in Atlanta later this year.

The process of installing the vending machines is expected to be swift, and A1 hopes their tasty convenience pies will be met with open arms in the states.

If you’re wondering how the pizza is made, it’s a rather simple process.When a customer approaches the machine, they first make their flavor selection from one of four options. In Europe, those selections included Margherita, Salami, Prosciutto, and Speck. But stateside options may be more American-friendly.

Once paying – an average of $5.95 depending on the location – the machine gets to work churning out a fresh, never-frozen pizza. The first step is mixing the flour and water into a pizza dough before it’s rolled out into a 10.5-inch wide disk. The pie is then spread with organic tomato sauce followed by the customer’s toppings of choice. Next, it makes its way to a 380 degree infrared oven that cooks the pizza in about 60 seconds.

In just under three minutes later, the customer has a “healthy, genuine Italian pizza,” for less than six bucks. A simple paper box is made to dispense the pizza onto. And the machine also provides a packet that contains a disposable pizza cutter, a packet of oregano and a napkin for easy dining. A video of the process can be seen below.

As for where the machines will be distributed, A1 Concepts’ CEO Ronald Rammers reports that you can expect to find them at shopping malls, airports, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, college campuses, bus and gas stations, and hotels, just to name a few. The machines, which will be available for both corporate ownership and local franchising, hold enough ingredients for 200 pizzas. And an Internet connection within the machine notifies the company when it’s low on stock.

Of the many selling points Let’s Pizza boasts, the most impressive are the speedy delivery, fresh, quality ingredients, and a product that’s never been touched by human hands – ensuring total hygiene. The machines are also capable of producing vegetarian and kosher options for customers with those preferences.

Look out Pizza Hut, Let’s Pizza vending machines may just be giving you a run for your sauce money.
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