Losing It With Jillian – The Northern Family

Patrick Northern

Patrick Northern

On this week’s episode of Losing it With Jillian, Jillian Michaels stages an intervention with the Northern family of Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Patrick Northern is a lovable dad who’s always joking with his wife and kids. He can always find the funny side to any situation, but last year things got serious. His career took a turn for the worse when he lost his truck-driving job. His wife, Kim, took on the role of sole breadwinner and Patrick’s confidence took a serious blow. Kim and their teen twins, Ameer and Ameera, have always looked to Patrick for direction. As Patrick lost his motivation to get off the couch, the rest of the family followed suit and the weight began to pile on.

Now Patrick is facing the grim reality of his family history of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Because the family follows his lead, Kim is now on the same path. Jillian faces the daunting task of rebuilding Patrick’s confidence in one week. The problem is she finds Patrick so adorable that it’s hard to push him.

But as she motivates Patrick and Kim to workout, she is able to motivate him to start doing more – around the house and with his health – so that he can start to retake control of his family.

But it’s not all work as the Northerns go roller skating and have some serious laughs as everybody takes a few turns tumbling around on the rink.

Before she leaves, Jillian shows the family how to access JillianMichaels.com where she’ll keep daily tabs on the family including telling them what to eat every day and how to exercise.

When Jillian returns eight weeks later during a surprise 40th birthday party for Kim, she finds that Kim surpassed her goal of losing 40 pounds and lost 41 pounds and Patrick surpassed his goal of losing 60 pounds and lost 61 pounds in addition to reclaiming his role as the leader of his family as Patrick also found a job!

JillianMichaels.com also donated $50,000 to the family to help them deal with some of the economic hardship they have endured over the past year.

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