McCafe’s Mango Pineapple “Real Fruit” Smoothie Is Really a Chemical Cocktail

McDonald's Mango Pineapple Real Fruit SmoothieI’ll admit it: a mango pineapple smoothie sounds like a pretty refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day. But the McCafé Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie that’s being promoted as  #ANewMcDFavorite on Twitter right now is anything but real fruit. Unless you consider “clarified demineralized pineapple juice concentrate” and “mango puree concentrate” or “pineapple juice concentrate” to be real fruit, not to mention the multiple forms of added acid.

There are probably items on the McDonald’s menu that are worse for you. A large soda doesn’t have vitamin A or vitamin C, but you’re still consuming a whopping 220 calories. Plus, you’re drinking those calories, which means they aren’t likely make you feel full or satisfied.

It also contains 49 grams of sugar, or more sugar than a can of Coke. Recent research shows that sugar consumed in liquid form is metabolized differently than sugar in solid foods, and may be more likely to be converted into fat.

It’s a travesty that McDonald’s has the audacity to claim this product contains real fruit. Other McDonald’s fruit smoothies do contain whole fruit, but the concentrates in this drink don’t make the cut. No matter your health goals, you will be better off getting some fresh fruit, low fat milk or yogurt and blending up something at home.

Nutrition Information via McDonalds

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