Mike Morelli’s Weight Loss Maintenance after Biggest Loser

mike morelli before and afterCalorie counting, watching sodium intake, pounding water like I was preparing to traverse the Sahara, and I thought I had a good handle on my weight. After months of working out nonstop, eating perfectly, and cutting weight, I thought that having to maintain my new weight would be all too easy. As it turns out, this 19-year-old has some things to learn.

I’ve been home for about a month since the Season 7 Biggest Loser finale, and it has been one the toughest challenges I have had to face yet.

Now that I’m on my own with my weight, I have had my share of struggles and successes. Many people have asked me what I do now that I’m home. What I eat. How I workout. How did I do it. I have asked myself those same questions everyday since I got back home.

There is one thing about me that everyone should know first off. I don’t put on an act for anyone. I talk straight and tell the truth about what is hard for me and isn’t. And in truth, I have really struggled since I’ve been home with eating. It is hard! Maintainence is more difficult than losing in my opinion. I’ve had trouble following my diet, and have even had fast-food!

I know, I know. What did I learn on the show if I can go back so quickly, right? Well, I learned that one mistake doesn’t have to be followed by another, and you can always learn from them.

So back to those all important questions so many people have.mike morelli and jillian michaels

  • I eat 2000 calories a day. My new philosophy with food is adopted from Jillian. If it didn’t come from the ground or didn’t have a mother- I don’t eat it. (Good-bye Oreos).
  • I shoot for 2 hours of working out a day. I jog for 60-90 minutes, and spend the rest of my time lifting weights.
  • As for my weight, I want to be 200-215 pounds. Dr. H says that is healthy for my body type and is a reasonable goal.

The main thing I take away from every single day is that weight, like life, is and will always be a work in progress. Some things work, some don’t.

We have to face challenges openly to grow and to learn. If we learn and adapt, we may be down, but never out. As long as we keep striving to be healthy, we may not be perfect, but we are definitely on the right track.

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Jamie says:

Congrats! I know it has to be difficult. My little bro went through this exact same thing. He lost about 135 lbs in a very short amount of time. He was about your age and has struggled in recent years to maintain his weight. I know probably one of the hardest things is being around friends who can eat what they want, etc. I’m sure you’ll be fine! Good luck with everything and I look forward to reading your blog!

Joann Spence says:

Thank you for sharing. I’m so proud of you Mikey…take one day at a time and you’ll be just fine.

lindsay says:

I like your idea if it didn’t come out of the ground or doesn’t have a mother you don’t eat i highly believe the high water intake and low sodium diets really work[scratch diet I mean lifestyle] i lost 35lbs in a lil over a month from that I have been struggling and fell off the horse but I am restarting in a couple days once I have the money to buy some grocerys but Mike you were always my favorite and your personality is just awesome your going to go far in life …your fan in Florida …Lindsay

Dora says:

Mike,I am so proud of you,I also admire your honesty about how you have struggled since you have been home,so many people watch shows like the biggest loser and assume that the contestants have got it made,no realizing that they are human just like us.I am aslo trying to lose weight,right now I am allowing myself 1500 calories,and am trying to work out for a least a hour a day,every morning I have to get up and make up my mind that I am going to workout and eat rite everyday,for me it is one day at a time.With you having this blog ,together all of us that are trying to lose weight as well as trying to maintaine it can keep each other encouraged,I truly do thank you for being such an inspiation to me,everytime I do not feel like exercising I think about all you went through to get where you are at today,keep up the good work.

Sally says:

You are so right, losing is one thing but MAINTAINING is tough! People ask me how I lost the 60 lbs? I tell them that it was easy compared to the keeping it off for the last year. It is a struggle,but you will do it if you keep and apply all you have said here in your mind every day. You have learned at a young age what some people never ” get “. I have 100% faith in the great future you have ahead of you and look forward to reading more from you here!!

Kat says:

unfortunately I have yet to reach my goal to get to maintenece just yet..my life has changed over the past few years where I have gone to eating organic and mostly vegan, adding vitamins and supplements, and incorporating new workouts…It has been a slow process, but I have lost 70 pounds..I adapted the WW progam into my lifestyle as well..This is where I can understand what you are going through..Many members have the same issue..But I think the key ingredient maybe to watch the scale..if you see it going up…you can stop it..Because that 1 oreo isn’t going to put 5 pounds back on your body..It is not practicing what you do daily..Best of luck to you and your family!

Sam says:


I am excited you will be sharing your experience and knowledge with the rest of us. I spoke with your father before the finale and thanked him for being the person I want to be. I want to be a father than can inspire and engage my son. Before this journey began I was not much more than just a piece of furniture. I am excited to see what you bring.

Jessica says:

I think it is great you are so honest with everyone!! I have been using my bodybugg and have drastically changed my eating habits….but it is VERY hard to quit everything and I have also had fast food occasionally. But, like you said, one meal does not have to turn into two or three…you eat it and move on and get right back into the good habits. You look wonderful! Keep up the good work!! You are very much an inspiration!

jackie says:

michael im so pound of you for telling everyone the truth about what real life is all about and how every day will be a challenge and how you have to work through it day in and day out. also not letting one bad day get in a world of trouble you just get right back to what you did the day before and move forwards and dont look day i love what you have done see you soon

Jill K says:

I am so happy for you! It is hard getting it off but I think keeping it off is a challenge in it’s self. I have lost over 100 pounds and now is when I start focusing on how I am going to keep it off.
Glad to hear you have hopped on the board of diets in review.

I just heard about the body bugg recently Jessica. I hear it is helping many. Good for you.

peg h says:

Mike, you really are an inspiration to all of us. I am trying to lose the 7 pounds that I have gained back and it is really hard. I read your facebook and website and I know I can do it. it will be hard for you at times but know that you can do it. We are so proud of you and your dad. How is he doing? How is Max doing? Keep up the good work.

Joe says:

2000 calories and 2 hours working out every day to maintain? That’s ridiculous and completely unnecessary. I’m 42 years old, 155lbs, 11% body fat, and I eat more than that and exercise less. And no, I’m not one of those “genetically gifted” individuals – my results are pretty typical.

A guy his size should be eating closer to 3000 calories for maintenance. As far as workouts are concerned, lifting for 1 hour per day, 3 times per week, with 20-30 minutes of cardio on the off days (less if you’re doing HIIT) .

And people, please stop looking to celebrity trainers for your fitness advice. Look to those who are actually respected by their peers in the exercise and nutrition field, such as Alwyn Cosgrove, John Berardi, Alan Aragon, and Lyle McDonald.

gkh says:

These are good tips. I just read a fun little book called The Power of Small. It really made me realize that when I obsess over a certain number of pounds I’m more likely to get overwhelmed. But, if I take it one meal at a time and allow myself a few quiet moments to make smart choices I do a lot better.

Nancy V says:


Absolutely loved watching you and your dad on BL this season, and am so glad we can keep up with how you are doing now through this blog. Thanks for being you – honest about the struggles with maintaining, but not giving up. I watch video clips from the BL Finale of you saying “Don’t give up and count your calories” as inspiration and keep a picture from People magazine of you and Tara on my refrigerator as a reminder that hard work pays off. You are an awesome young man.

As for Joe, I think your results are not “typical”, because I work out 5 days a week, run an hour (10k) 3 days a week and bike 45 minutes the other two days. I am eating like Jillian says “grown in the ground and has a mother” the majority of the time and not in large portions, and I am not losing, only maintaining, so everybody is different. I am 49, and may have damaged my metabolism from years of diet coke, but I am on water and tea only now for 2 months. I am exercising, eating healthy, I feel great and will continue to do this even though the pounds are not dropping off. I could stand to lose 10 to 15 pounds, but again Joe, I think you are blessed not typical so don’t judge what Mike is doing and say its wrong.

Amused Lurker says:

Mike – good work and don’t worry – MAINTENANCE GETS EASIER OVER TIME. Trust me – I’ve been maintaining a 100+ lb loss for almost 20 years now. You can do it!!! just takes practice and persistence.

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