“Moving Mediation” is a Well-Appointed Faith-Based Book of Fitness and Yoga

Wellness is defined as the state of health that is free from disease. Many people suffer from a lack of health and wellness and as a result they experience a plethora of symptoms that can manifest physically, mentally, and emotionally. Living a well-balanced life with a central source of inspiration is key in maintaining health.

Mary Jo Ricketson, the founder of the Center for Mind-Body Training in the Boston area, believes each and every one of us are equipped with the potential to experience optimal well-being of mind and body. Referring to this state of wellness as the ‘good within,’ Ricketson has compiled a new book of yoga and exercise titled Moving Meditation, complete with quotes, fitness and yoga instruction, and intentions for living an inspired life on and off the yoga mat.

In an effort to aid in the reduction of stress through faith, the pages in Moving Meditation are graced by a God-centered approach to wellness. With the majority of quotes from the Bible, and several references to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the book carries a weighty Christian tone, however the author does include inspiration from other religions and spiritual teachers such as the Buddha, Kahlil Gibran, and Lao Tzu.

Believing that the body is an amazing gift from God, Ricketson intends to awaken her reader’s sense of gratitude in being as a motivational technique to inspire healthy living. By offering helpful advice in trusting the ‘good within’ and letting go of fear, anxiety or other causes of unnecessary stress, Moving Meditation gives its readers an opportunity to contemplate their own inherent connection with God. In addition, Ricketson motivates her readers to adopt positive affirmations such as, “I am willing and able,” rather than, “I am helpless or unable to respond,” so one might feel empowered versus defeated in health.

Covering cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, prayer and meditation, goal setting, flexibility, strength training and more, Moving Meditation is a well-appointed guidebook for those who would like to incorporate deeper meaning into their fitness regimen. Not only will readers get professional advice on exercise and yoga, they will also learn how to integrate health and wellness into all aspects of life.

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