OKC Thunder and Miami Heat Healthy Game Day Recipes

Can Oklahoma handle the Heat? We’ll find out when the NBA Finals tip off tonight in Oklahoma City. The city is used to sweltering temperatures and humidity, but can it stand up to the kind that the Miami Heat no doubt packed with them?

It’s LeBron vs. Durant, from fabulous Florida to the heart of the country. Fans are already on edge as the 8:00 pm game time ticks nearer. If you aren’t cramming in to the Chesapeake Arena in downtown OKC, then you probably plan on cramming on to your sofa with some homemade snacks. In the spirit of both teams, we’ve come up with a few locally-inspired, game-friendly foods that are actually good for you.

Ready to Thunder Up? If you’re cheering for Oklahoma City this week then you’ll want to eat a few local favorites. When hanging out near the arena, Fuzzy’s Tacos is an excellent restaurant choice, with a variety of grilled fish and chicken tacos lightly topped with vegetables in a corn tortilla. However, if you’re parked at home, try these:

BBQ Pork Sliders – Oklahomans love meat and BBQ, and that love affair gets a little lighter with these slow-cooked pork tenderloin sandwiches. They practically make themselves, and the tiny buns help you keep portions in check.

Chorizo Nachos – In Thunder country they love chips and dip, and the cheesier the better. Nachos are kind of a must in those parts, but you can feel good about serving these with homemade chorizo, made with ground turkey and tons of flavor.

Rhubarb Iced Tea – Cool off in between scores with a Southern favorite. Fresh rhubarb is combined with water, honey, and lemon for a refreshing homemade beverage.

If you’re feeling the Heat get in the kitchen. Or something like that! Cook up a feast to cheer on your friends from Miami while they’re on the road. When they return to town for games 3 and 4, meet up at Bongos Cuban Cafe for a variety of satisfying and healthy fish and vegetarian entrees.

Summery Black Bean Salad – You can serve this as a dip for blue corn tortilla chips or as a side for a hearty Latin entree. It takes minutes to prepare with corn, black beans, cilantro, tomatoes, lime, and then turns up the heat with a little cayenne.

Easy Grilled Fish Tacos – With fresh seafood readily available, and as healthy as these are, this game-time meal is a no brainer. This recipe calls for grilled halibut, salsa verde, and corn tortillas. The dish pairs perfectly with the black bean salad.

Blackberry Lemonade – Grab a handful of fresh lemons and squeeze the juice in to hand-muddled blackberries (or swap for Florida’s ripe strawberries) for a sweet way to toast each of the Heat’s big scores.

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