Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Activities to Get You Moving

by Kelsey Murray

The 4th of July is quickly approaching and along with lighting firecrackers and watching fireworks shows, many of us tend to eat a lot of high-calorie foods such as hamburgers and potato salad on this summer holiday. If you want to burn off these extra calories while still celebrating the holiday, try these red, white, and blue activities everyone will enjoy.

Red: For your red exercises, it’s time to regress to your childhood days. Find a red ball like the one you used to play with when you were younger. It could be a basketball, a tether ball, or even a baseball (the stitches are red) and then enlist a friend or family member to join you in the fun. Throw the ball back and forth, roll it down a hill and chase it, or just play a traditional game. Either way, using a red ball is a great way to get in some cardiovascular exercise this Fourth of July.

White: What’s small, white, and is something that you can’t get out of your clothes? Sand, which you will definitely need to play a traditional white summer game: sand volleyball. You’ll need at least three other people, but it is so much fun that you won’t even realize how many calories you are burning. Just in case you want to know though, the average female burns about 235 calories in one hour-long game.

Blue: Summertime is hot so you can use blue exercises to help you cool down! Blue exercises are anything that takes place in a pool, lake, or in your front yard with a sprinkler. Swimming at a moderate pace allows an 150 pound female to burn approximately 440 calories in an hour. You can water ski at the lake or slip and slide on your front yard with the kids while running through a sprinkler. No matter which blue exercise you choose, you will be much more likely to stay cool this summer!

Do you have any red, white or blue summer exercise ideas? Share them with us below in the comment section!

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