Restaurants are Lowering Calories before Posting Numbers on Menus

If ignorance is bliss, many restaurants are scrambling to adjust their menus before the law states that their patrons can be ignorant no more.

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to require any chain restaurant with over 20 locations to post calorie counts on their menus by the end of 2022. Even though this rule is pending, it is already leading to some very positive changes in the food industry.

While many restaurant goers probably knew the loaded nacho platter, cheesy pasta, or battered chicken dish they ordered was high in calories before, it’s possible that seeing just how high the totals get will influence their decision in the future. If consumers see that the one meal they’re ordering contains more than half of their day’s calorie requirements, restaurant owners are assuming their sales will decrease.

Currently, many chains are quickly attempting to rework their menus. Many favorite items are being lightened up so that they contain fewer calories. Some establishments are attempting to balance the menus more by offering more healthy items along with high calorie fan favorites.

Nutritionists believe that this law will lead America into a new period- hopefully a healthier one. The thought is that when consumers see the 1,000 calorie item on the menu, they are going to be searching for another option.

As this new hopeful era dawns, an increase in more educated eaters will emerge as well. Perhaps just the sight of calories on the menu will lead people to make healthier decisions, even if it’s just once a week. Ultimately, this new law could lead to a reduction in the obesity epidemic in America.

Via: Los Angeles Times

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