Summer Booty Workout by Christine Khuri

It’s the first day of summer and to celebrate we want to get everyone’s booty moving. Christine Khuri has provided us with the perfect summer booty workout. With four simple, yet killer, moves that can be done in the living room or backyard, this flawless program is great for those who want to tighten their tush.

From leg curls to butt kicks, the moves aren’t too technical and can be accomplished by even the most novice of exercisers. So don’t be scared off. You can do it, just put your butt in to it! Keep these moves in your pocket all summer long and witness the incredible results.

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Christine Khuri lives and teaches in Los Angeles, CA. She is a nationally certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor who’s received certifications from AFAA, NESTA, & NEATA. Her experience includes aerobics, choreography, weight training, endurance training, core and stability, spinning, cycling, agility and speed. Find her at

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