Summer Reading List for Healthy Kids

In light of the first lady’s recent announcement of the new “Let’s Read. Let’s Move.” initiative, to promote healthier, smarter kids, we’ve compiled our picks for a summer reading list for kids. The program began as a campaign to end childhood obesity; in light of summer vacation, Mrs. Obama and the organization want to see kids read at least five books during the break. What better way to satisfy this challenge than by reading books that have to do with health and fitness?

You’ll of course want to identify books that are age-appropriate for your young readers, but a few picks that stand-out to us include:

Eat This, Not That for Kids

One of many titles in this popular series, this book takes a dedicated look at the foods, snacks and beverages that are most appealing to kids. A simple-to-understand picture-book style is a simple read for younger kids, while the nutritional explanations for choosing some foods over others is appropriate for older readers.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Kids

Written by popular food-conscious author Michael Pollan, this guide is ideal for teens who are socially responsible and want to make safer, healthier food choices. The book educates about the farm to plate process and where all of our foods come from, whether fresh or processed.

Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right

Written by a licensed pediatrician, this book will teach kids how to make healthy food choices that they can maintain for a lifetime. The traffic-light inspired approach to color-coding foods that are healthy, somewhat healthy and unhealthy makes learning and eating fun and creative.

The Gotti Diet

Frank Gotti is the teenaged grandson of infamous John Gotti and the author of this book, which chronicles his personal triumph over childhood obesity. The book is written with youthful insight that will appeal to teenagers.

Sugar Busters for Kids

Written in a child-friendly manner, the book shows how to eliminate unhealthy, processed sugars from the diet and create a more balanced eating and fitness regimen.

Peaceful Piggy Meditation

Ideal for young readers, this book explains how to incorporate a meditation routine to help manage the stress in their lives. A good accompaniment to Peaceful Piggy Yoga, this is a picture book that introduces the benefits of and how to do yoga.

Growing Vegetable Soup

Young readers will learn how to and the value of growing a vegetable garden and then find a recipe for turning their produce into a delicious soup recipe.

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