Supplement Pods Could Change the Way We Take Our Vitamins

Show of hands, how many of you start the day by turning on your coffee maker? Now while I can’t actually see any of you holding your hands up, I think it’s pretty safe to assume most of you are. Making that first cup of coffee is natural, but what if instead of coffee when you turned on your coffee maker, you got your daily servings of vitamins and minerals?

coffee pods

That’s the idea scientists at Nestle have come up with. The serving of vitamins and minerals would be formulated to your daily needs; to be sure you didn’t get too much or too little of the good things your body needs to function.

It may sound too much like science fiction to be true, but Shape Magazine reported that Nestle’s Institute of Health Sciences is working on the project, which has the code name “Iron Man.”

Nestle is the company that brought Nespresso, a single-serve coffee machine. Through the development of that product, scientists began wondering if they could use the same system to deliver personalized supplements. Nestle researchers are optimistic, saying the technology could be ready in five to ten years. Other researchers say it could take much longer.

If the “Iron Man” project takes shape it could drastically change how we get supplements. By offering customized options, each person could get only the vitamins and nutrients they need. No more, no less. If it’s really as easy as popping a pod into a beverage maker, “Iron Man” could have significant positive impact on our collective health.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Right now “Iron Man” is merely an idea, albeit a cool one. While we’re waiting for podded supplements, many of us may still struggle with getting the daily needed vitamins and nutrients. Making sure to eat a balanced diet is the simple fix for this situation. Fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and yes, grains offer plenty vitamins and nutrients to keep your body running in top form.

Supplements of any kind are useful at times, but they can’t (and shouldn’t) replace what healthy foods do naturally.

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