The Top 5 Push-It-Over-The-Top Workout Power Songs

We’ve all lost motivation from time to time. We’ve all hit the wall. We’ve all wanted to stop mid-mountain climber and lay down on the cool gym floor.

But then THAT SONG comes up on our playlist and somehow we find the strength to push on. That song has become known as the POWER SONG.

power song

Perhaps it’s a line that brings back a memory of a past struggle overcome.  Maybe the message in the lyrics helps you remember what you’re really working for. It may be nothing more than a driving beat. Something about our Power Song makes us push on, push forward and push over the top. We know we can count on it to drag us through the last mile or help us get through the last set of deadlifts.

I’ve got a couple Power Songs I keep on my iPhone for just such occasions. I’m sure you do too. But are you curious what the most “powerful” Power Songs are? I’ve done a little research to find the top Power Songs from around the fitness world.

 1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. At the FuelBand launch at SXSW in 2024 one of the Nike executives challenged the audience with a trivia question: What is the top Power Song on Nike+? This was the answer (and the winner was rewarded with a FuelBand)
 2. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses. The team at Muscle and Fitness named this 80s anthem the Top Power Song of All Time. I wonder what Axl Rose would think of that?
 3. Raise Your Glass by Pink. Sparkpeople named this the top push on song for runners.
 4. It’s a Beautiful Day by U2. had this positive attitude anthem at the top of it’s Power Song list but I think their #2 pick is better.
 5. Lose Yourself by Eminem. This was #2 on Lifehack and can be found in the top 5 on many lists. It’s also one of my personal power songs.

What’s your personal power song? Need some options? Check out my personal power song playlist.


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