Top 10 Ways to Beat Boredom During Exercise

Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for your daily walk and making up excuses to skip the gym on the way home? Even the most dedicated exercisers occasionally get bored with their routine. In order to beat this common boredom, you have to keep your workouts fresh and fun. Here are a few new ideas for you.

1. Get a partner: working out alone gets rather boring and a partner will push you to your limits

2. Set a goal: either it be a marathon or a 5k, just strive for something to keep you motivated

3. Add variety: Run one week, bike around the lake/neighborhood the next: just switch it up

4. Take a break: take a week off and enjoy yourself then hit it hard next week

5. New toys: try using a heart rate monitor and try to keep your heart rate in or above your target heart rate zone. 220 – age = max heart and 60-80% of that number is your target heart zone. If you are 25: 220-25 is 195 (max HR), take 60-80% of that and your target heart rate zone is 117-156.

6. Get new shoes or new work out attire

7. Switch gyms: try a new facility and see how motivated you are: it works

8. Monitor your progress: keep track of your work outs and keep challenging yourself

9. Sign up for an event to train for

10. Switch up the diet: set a cheat day after a solid week of diet and exercise

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