Venezuela Says No to Coke Zero

coke zeroRelations between the U.S. and Venezuela in recent years have been, shall we say, not so good. And President Hugo Chavez is not likely to put the breaks on his heavy anti-capitalist rhetoric anytime soon. Some of his latest moves have been on the dietary front.

Chavez and his government are taking on Coca Cola and their Coke Zero product. Health Minister Jesus Mantilla has said that Coke Zero can no longer be sold in his country, and the inventory that is stocked must be removed from store shelves.

“The product should be withdrawn from circulation to preserve the health of Venezuelans,” says Mantilla. However, he hasn’t said what the grave health risks are that Coke Zero poses.

Earlier this year, the Venezuelan government seized a rice mill and pasta factory belonging to the U.S. company Cargill. Other threats of nationalization and government intervention have been made, including potential action against U.S. drug company Pfizer.

(via: Reuters)

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