We Love CLICK All-Natural Espresso Protein Drink

Confession: I am a coffee drinker. I can manage a french press myself. I drink it black. Despite a Starbucks in my family tree, I don’t find the coffee sold at that chain store up to my standards. I was skeptical about trying CLICK Espresso Protein Drink.

According to press releases, “CLICK is the brainchild of Greg and Beth Smith, a Fresno, California couple who owned a small chain of women’s fitness centers. The Smiths were seeking a delicious, healthy beverage for their members in response to the growing wall of sugar based energy and espresso drinks on the market.” The 15 grams of protein per serving is designed to provide sustained energy, in addition to the “two shots of espresso” or 100-150mg of caffeine per serving.

The sample of CLICK sent to me came with it’s own special mixing cup. While it is one more thing to add to my cabinets, it did make mixing a powdered drink very simple. CLICK can be served hot or cold, and their website has several recipes to try in addition to the easy mix. It is hot, even for June, in Indianapolis, so I only tried it over ice. It took about three drinks before I got used to and liked the Vanilla Latte flavor. However, I was surprised that I immediately liked the Mocha flavor. I am much more likely to choose a mocha over a vanilla latte in coffee drinks as well, though.

My friend who only drinks very sweet, milky coffee did not like the taste of either flavor. I am not sure if the added protein provided a more sustained energy for me, but it certainly kept me from getting hungry even when meetings ran into the lunch hour. Overall, though, I found the amount of energy provided, whether by caffeine or protein, was sufficient but not as much as I would have liked.

The new formula of All-Natural CLICK was designed to reach individuals who only buy natural products, however, the Don’t Eat That iPhone app was not a fan of many of the ingredients listed. The ingredients in All-Natural CLICK may not be genetically modified, but we do not know that from reading the nutritional information. Can the makers of All-Natural CLICK tell us how each ingredient is derived and from where? Simply the length of the ingredients list would have turned me away if I had picked it up in a store.

I liked All-Natural CLICK more than I thought that I would. An espresso protein is something that might appeal to me if I was less concerned about the individual ingredients that I ingest. I will stick with grinding and brewing my own coffee and eating protein for breakfast. If more information could be provided or the ingredients list could be simplified, perhaps I would try CLICK again.

Although CLICK provided Brooke with a sample to review, the review remains her own opinion and has been influenced in no way.

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