Why Every Fridge Should be Stocked With Beer


I am well aware that not everyone loves beer, and that is more than okay. I am not recommending that you have beer in the fridge to drink necessarily, but I am here to share with you some other benefits of beer, plus some surprisingly ways to put it to use.

Beer strengthens the bones and heart
If you are a beer drinker, you likely know that it is a great post-run beverage because of the carbs, but did you also know that beer has high levels of silicon, which has long been linked to bone health? Not only that, but beer has proven to reduce the risk of heart disease in those who drank a pint daily. Great news!

Beer is rich in protein and vitamin B
Beer is also high in antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B. Please don’t try to just get your protein intake via beer, but if you are choosing between beer, wine, or liquor, pick up a pint.

Beer can be used for marinating
Like its cousin wine, beer is an awesome addition to a lot of recipes, especially when marinating meats. Since beer is acidic, it tenderizes meat, as well as adding flavor.

Beer is good for shiny locks
I know this sounds crazy, but pouring a cup of beer into a saucepan, boiling it down to a 1/4 cup, letting it cool, and then mixing it with your favorite shampoo can work magic on your hair. The boiling evaporates the alcohol (which drys hair out) and allows the leftover beer to simply add more shine to your luscious locks. Awesome, huh?

Beer is a good way to kill garden slugs
I am not one to kill a bug, but if you are grossed out by slugs (and they’re doing a number on your garden), make a beer trap. Slugs are attracted to beer, so if you fill a cup or two with a bit of beer then bury it partially thing underground the slugs will be drawn to it. The sad thing is, the slugs love beer so much, they will crawl into the cup and drown! Bad for the slugs but good for your plants!

Beer can be part of a foot massage
Ice cold carbonated beer can actually soothe tired feet. For long days, pour a glass and slosh some into a shallow bowl as well. Sounds weird but plenty of people do it! Perfect end-of-day activity. Just be sure to use the cheap cans in your fridge, not the good stuff!

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